Spring has sprung – and so has our new website!

Welcome to our new website! Our last site launched in 2008, along with our new name and logo. Back then we had eight different programs all operating in Vancouver. Now we provide 24 unique programs and services and we do this in over ten municipalities. So we’re really happy we have a new site that better represents who we are and what we do.  

What’s new besides the look?

Each of those 24 Programs now has its own space, where you can find out how maybe Jubilee Rooms is different from Killarney Apartments and who each program is serving. And if you’re not sure where something is on the site, no problem – the new site is entirely searchable!

We have an Innovations section that highlights some of the things we do that we think are pretty important, and even necessary, to ultimately end homelessness. As we learn we find out what’s missing or needed, and we work towards providing a new service or program.

What were youdoing in the 80’s? Our Philosophical Shifts page is an interactive timeline, RainCity’s history, where you can scroll all the way back to 1982. Or 1993. Or 2007. So much history. So many options!

And we have FAQs section, where people can find out quickly what we do (and what we don’t) here in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast. Something not there you think should be? Email Bill who updates all the content: bbriscall@raincityhousing.org

Along with the new site we have a new direct donation page that includes a tribute/in memory of option. All 24 programs are listed in a dropdown menu so someone can choose exactly where their money is going. And like before, donors can choose to cover the admin fee. Cool.

Flightdeck Media built this wonderful new site, and a HUGE thank you to the women at Flipside Creative who have been around for the long haul from vision to realization of this site. And they provided the creative blood, sweat and tears to make it happen – absolutely free!

Tell us what you think of the new site!

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