building hope by exchanging ideas

building homes inside communities

Housing provides people opportunities to step out of survival mode, focus on things that are important to them, and strengthen connections.

People’s choices about housing and support vary. RainCity Housing provides a range of housing and support services, including:

  • temporary shelters
  • transitional housing
  • long-term housing
  • housing for women-led families
  • outreach based housing programs

Our first priority is to provide a home. Moving into a new environment can be stressful for anyone, and moving inside from an experience of homelessness can also be stressful. We work to get to know each person and focus on strengthening connections and building community.

We strive to offer people choice, both in terms of housing and supports. First we listen, then learn, so we can continuously adapt our housing and supports, either by expanding current approaches to new communities or developing new ways of working. For information on how to apply for housing, here are the next steps.