Triage is RainCity Housing’s first line of support for people experiencing homelessness in Vancouver. It provides emergency shelter and supports for people experiencing mental illness, addictions, trauma,  and other challenges in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Because people often stay longer at Triage than more traditional shelters, staff have more time to engage, build relationships, and tailor services to meet individual needs.


To provide a place where people can regroup and be connected to housing options as quickly as possible. While staying at Triage, staff work to connect people with mental health, addiction, housing, physical health, and other support services.


The Triage community includes folks who have been turned away from other shelters and housing organizations because of their complex health needs and unique histories due to addiction, mental health challenges and trauma.


There are 28 private rooms, each with a lock on the door, a window, a bed, a lamp, a night stand, and a secure wardrobe. Triage is staffed around the clock with a trained and experienced team who liaise closely with local doctors, mental health teams, and counsellors, with a focus on locating housing for the people staying there.

Triage is the only 24-hour resource in the surrounding 3 block radius where women in particular can come inside and feel safe on a drop-in basis. This is a welcome opportunity to get to know people that are living on the street and find out what they need.



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