shaldon hotel

The Shaldon Hotel closed its doors on Friday July 31st, 2020 in order for the building to be torn down and redeveloped into new housing. All of the tenants were provided housing elsewhere for this to happen, mostly at other RainCity buildings.


RainCity took over the operation of the Shaldon in the fall of 2008. Since that time it has provided secure, safe, and supported housing for hundreds of people. We want to acknowledge the closing of this long term project, look forward to the new housing, and also acknowledge this is a significant loss for the tenants and the staff who have worked so hard together to make the Shaldon a great place to live for the last 12 years.


The new building spanning most of that block of East Hastings will have three service providers situated there:

  • family housing run by Lu’ma Native Housing Society;
  • the new location of the Vancouver Native Health Society;
  • 54 units of brand new, self-contained studio apartments, operated by RainCity.

‘Shaldon 2.0’ will have its own entrance, lots of great indoor and outdoor common space, elevators (the former 4 story Shaldon had none!), and a food program. Tenants who lived at the former Shaldon will have the right of first refusal to occupy the new units. We hope that the development and construction process will be completed in 2023.


Thank you to all the staff who have held positions and taken shifts over the years. You were the heart and soul of the building! Thanks to our Operations Department who kept the building running as it aged – not an easy task! Thanks to the custodians who have climbed all those stairs for so many years. Thanks to Johnny Man who has adeptly helped oversee the transition out of the building.

And a big thanks to Jeff Colvin, the Shaldon’s long standing Manager! Jeff tirelessly ran the hotel, in good times and bad, for 12 years and was why so many folks were able to find a stable home at the Shaldon.