indigenous cultural services

Initially, Indigenous work at RainCity had happened in significant ways through our Indigenous staff who brought a living and embodied culture, knowledge, values, and their unique histories to their work. Now these are becoming embedded in RainCity via honorarium based Elder supports, Indigenous Cultural Liaisons and Specialist positions.

RainCity, being a non-Indigenous organization, takes a learning stance and comes alongside various Indigenous organizations and community members to provide support for Indigenous peoples.


To acknowledge the unique history and service needs of our Indigenous tenants and staff in respect to accessing culturally relevant and sensitive support, and to provide insight into how non-Indigenous practices can be Indigenized to make space for cultural learning, knowledge and teachings that moves beyond tokenism.


First Nations, Native American, Metis/mixed Indigenous ancestry, and Inuit staff and peers from various backgrounds representative of our Host Nations of the Coast Salish and the diverse Nations and Tribes across the province and Turtle Island (North America).


Indigenous Cultural Services plays a pivotal role in building, establishing, and continuing relationships with our Host Nations and service partners. It supports RainCity’s Indigenous staff, implements the recommendations of our Cultural Safety Working Group, and helps to develop, implement and support the work of our Indigenous Cultural Liaisons (ICLs) and the Indigenous Specialist positions.

Indigenous Cultural Services works closely with other program managers in the training of non-indigenous staff, stakeholders, and service providers on the history and impacts of colonization and cultural disruption, and the tenements of de-colonial practice, cultural awareness, sensitivity, and safety, and all systems that have disproportionately affected Indigenous people who continue to resist.

Our Indigenous Cultural Liaisons (ICLs) assist in the integration of cultural supports and Indigenous programming focused around bridging cultural knowledge, teachings and ways of being and knowing into the organization, and the places where they work.



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