foxglove – surrey

Foxglove Supported Housing and Shelter is our first building in Surrey, located at 9810 Foxglove Drive. It’s also one of the first enhanced health supported housing programs in BC and includes three programs (shelter; supported housing; enhanced health supported housing) with RainCity and Fraser Health staff working alongside program participants to meet people’s health needs and connect people to culture and community 


To provide supported housing and shelter with enhanced health, cultural and peer supports. 


Foxglove will be welcoming low-income individuals from Surrey over the age of 19 who are either currently homeless or unstably housed with a focus on people who might benefit from access to on-site health, cultural and peer supports.  


Foxglove offers 98 Supportive Housing units (96 studio suites and 2-one bedroom suites). Thirty four people housed in supportive housing will have access to enhanced health supports. Foxglove also offers 31 shelter units and one respite unit with three non-binary designated shelter units. Supportive housing and shelter units include laundry facilities and a meal program.  All three programs have access to 24 hour/7 day a week support staff with access to a medication program, overdose prevention services, Indigenous cultural and Peer supports.  

People accessing enhanced health supports will have access to on-site and in-reach clinical services provided by Fraser Health.  

The shelter provides 31 separate shelter rooms each with a sink and a bed, and access to single occupancy washrooms and showers. Three of the thirty one rooms are specifically designated as nonbinary with 14 rooms available to male-identified individuals and 14 rooms available to female-identified individuals. Three meals per day are provided and everyone has access to a range of supports similar to the supportive housing program participants. 



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