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We are currently looking for exceptional, big-hearted, and skilled people.
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If you share our vision for "a home for every person" and are an advocate for ending homelessness using a Housing First and harm reduction model, you may make a great fit to our hard-working, innovative team.

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The people who participate in RainCity Housing’s programs come from a wide variety of backgrounds, orientations, and ethnicities. It’s very important to us that our staff reflects this variety and can be authentically sensitive to unique needs. We are especially seeking applicants from under-represented groups such as:

• Multilingual
• Trans
• Indigenous
• People of colour
• People with lived experience
• Gender Diverse


RainCity Housing is a unionized workplace. Along with the union, we support the principles of the Human Rights Code of BC We promote a workplace that treats both staff and the people accessing services with dignity and respect.

RainCity Housing has a proven reputation in social services and healthcare, providing Housing First, harm reduction and supports for community members who access our services. To learn more, check out our innovations page.


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It can be hard but if you're the right person the struggles will allow you to grow as a person. This is not charity work to be thanked for doing; this is about witnessing inequity and the inherent worth of the people we work with. It’s about being curious, learning from the people we work with, people who’ve experienced unmeasurable trauma and injustices, and are battling systemic issues on a daily basis.

Here’s how one of our employees describes the work:

"We work in people’s home and we sometimes know them and their families across decades. We have real relationships that cross time and do our best not to recreate abandonment and rejection. We extend trust and make ourselves emotionally available, even when people have left us earlier than they might have in different circumstances.

It’s working alongside (not for) someone, creatively solving problems together that maybe you both thought were too complex, or even impossible, each new problem providing another opportunity for change, and a chance of finding better ways of working. Be prepared to experience frustration, empathy, and excitement in a matter of hours or even minutes. Working here will challenge you, and change you."


People who access our services come from a wide variety of backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities. We need a staff group that reflects this variety and can provide service that is sensitive to the needs of individuals.

We are especially seeking applicants from groups who are underrepresented in our staff mix such as: people with lived experience, Indigenous people, people of colour, Trans people, people with multilingual skills, Gender Diverse and Queer identified people.

For each job, send a resume and cover letter to Human Resources. Please quote the job number in your application. Send your application online to, or fax them — yup, we can go old school — to 604-254-3703.

Don't see a specific job posting? Try using our search bar at the bottom left of every page. Just type in a job name and click 'go'

No current jobs? We always accept applications to work for RainCity Housing. Please note that due to the volume of applications, we can’t respond to everyone.