diversity and human rights

People who access our services come from a wide variety of backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities. It is incredibly important that we not only recognize and embrace this, but that the services we provide every day are sensitive to the needs of each individual. To find out how this happens where we work, visit our jobs page.

RainCity Housing Diversity Statement

Adopted by the Board of Directors, March 14, 2012.

RainCity Housing recognizes the dignity and worth of every person. We endeavor to create a work and service environment that is free from discrimination and harassment; an environment that is safe, inclusive and respectful of staff, volunteers, Board members, donors, people receiving service and people of our community.

RainCity Housing recognizes that inequality is maintained by discrimination against and marginalization of people based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and other aspects of their personal/socio/economic/education backgrounds. RainCity Housing subscribes to the principles of the BC Human Rights Code.

RainCity Housing demonstrates commitment to diversity by:

  • Understanding that recognizing and valuing diversity is an anti-oppressive practice. Diversity enhances our services, creating greater opportunity for connection with and understanding of the people we support.
  • Developing policies, practices, programs and services that include elimination of barriers and promote inclusion.
  • Seeking out and applying the perspective of those who are marginalized in recognition that their views are integral to assessing and developing equity in policies, practices, programs and services.
  • Being reflective of the communities we serve, increasing the diversity of our staff, volunteers and Board members.
  • Encouraging open and respectful discussion of diversity by creating opportunities for dialogue and self-reflection, leading to understanding, being allies and seeing diversity as enriching the workplace.
  • Reaching out to diverse communities to hear their story and to tell RainCity Housing’s story
  • Creating safety for the expression of diversity.
  • Having equitable employment and compensation practices.