who we are

RainCity Housing provides innovative, outcome-oriented programs and services for people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges.

RainCity Housing has a proven track record, a strong leadership team, and is driven by a clear sense of vision, purpose and mandate. We are a leader in raising awareness around issues related to homelessness.


A home for every person


The mission of RainCity Housing is to advance social equity by building upon the strengths of our community and of each individual. Through innovative practices we provide housing and support, promote health and facilitate hope, opportunity and change for people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges.


For people who occupy mainstream society, basic needs such as shelter, security, health and daily provisions are readily accessible. People who occupy the margins of society often do not have the same assurances.

Homelessness, mental illness, substance use, and chronic physical health problems are often accompanied by poor nutrition, a lack of access to health care and housing, and a life of risk and vulnerability to violence and exploitation. Furthermore, stigmatization keeps these individuals removed from mainstream society and essentially disenfranchises them from addressing their basic needs and from enjoying their inherent right to human dignity.

The recognition of this chasm has given rise to support for the need to provide services to these citizens in need. This is a fundamental premise in our work of advancing social equity – the equal opportunity for all to address their basic needs for shelter, food, services and to be treated with dignity.

RainCity Housing is an organization dedicated to providing the best possible services to those in need. The help we provide emanates from our model of best practices as a caring, thoughtful, well-researched, well trained and innovative service organization.


People who access our services come from a wide variety of backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities. The places where folks ultimately call home, the interactions we have with others in the community, and the work environments for our employees, all need to reflect this. Read more.

community benefits

By addressing homelessness, the quality of life of everyone in our communities increases.

Every person housed in a RainCity Housing program is a person not occupying a hospital bed due to frostbite, overdose, malnutrition or psychotic behavior, or being picked up by the police.

RainCity Housing staff not only handle these incidents as they occur, they also prevent an overwhelming percentage of incidents before they happen, therefore decreasing the burden on our public services and hospitals.