the lux transitional housing program

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program description

The Lux Transitional Housing Program is funded by Vancouver Coastal Health and provides 25 units of supported housing to people coping with the realities of homelessness, substance use, and complex physical and mental health concerns.

Housing First – By housing people first, we work to resolve unmet health needs and complex housing behaviours, rather than requiring these issues be resolved beforehand.

Transitional - Once an individual is stabilized and has formed appropriate support networks, staff assist in the transition of residents to suitable permanent housing. The length of stay depends on each resident’s unique situation and particular needs.

The program is built on a proactive harm reduction and health promotion framework. Realistic expectations are placed on residents to ensure the most marginalized, in-need and at-risk people will have access to the program. Many tenants actively use substances and some experience mental crises. We provide a high tolerance environment for challenging behaviours and use a strength-based approach that identifies, acknowledges and builds on an individual’s strengths, skills and competencies.

RainCity Housing respects the diversity of our community and aim to ensure that this diversity is reflected in our tenant selection, hiring practices, staff training and our policies and procedures.

All 25 units are self-contained (bathroom and kitchen) studio suites on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and three units are wheelchair accessible. In addition to the trained support staff that provided 24 hour support, the building is monitored by front desk staff at the main entrance 24 hours a day. The 2nd floor also holds a resident lounge, laundry room, communal kitchen, outdoor patio and staff offices. Rent is equal to shelter portion from the Ministry of Housing and Social Assistance ($375).

A List of 24 Hour Support Services provided and Housing First Criteria:

To make a referral, please contact Vancouve Coastal Health’s Housing Placement team at 604.216.8741.

For general inquiries about the Lux Transitional Housing Program, please contact:

Manager                                                    Danièle Hurley, Supervisor
604.687.0016                                            604.687.0005

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