the budzey: housing for women & women led families

The Budzey is a ten story building unique to both the Downtown Eastside and to RainCity Housing with 147 housing units; 106 for women (trans* and cis), and 41 units for women led families. It provides opportunities for the women and families living there to make connections with a comprehensive range of services and navigate the change from previous housing situations or homelessness into stable, supported, permanent housing.

Why is it called the Budzey Building?

Lorna Budzey lived in Vancouver’s DTES for many years and was one of first people to challenge RainCity to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone we work with. While her life was not always easy, she remained vibrant, charismatic and had an amazing sense of humour. She died the summer of 2000.


What happens there?

This project uses a gender and diversity lens that supports an inclusive, safe and vibrant community, making it possible for everyone living at the Budzey to flourish. Staff focus on activities that will strengthen the community and provide services like:

  • Liaising with community services and partners;
  • A peer based programming;
  • Community kitchen nights for women and families.

How can one apply to live there?

All interested applicants must apply through BC Housing at their Orange Hall office, 297 East Hastings, 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Did you know the Budzey is green?

To find out what makes a green building green, take an online tour of the Budzey with Operations Manager George Simpson and NSDA Project Architect Wanda Felt.

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