supported housing

The supported housing programs at RainCity Housing provide longer term housing, counseling and support to clients who are recommended or identified as appropriate for these programs.

princess rooms transitional housing program (princess rooms)

Princess Rooms specializes in providing safe, supported housing to high-risk, high-needs individuals with a history of chronic homelessness.

The program designed to meet the special housing needs of clients who repeatedly stayed at the Triage Shelter. The Princess Rooms offers a minimal barrier, high tolerance environment and follows a harm-reduction/health promotion philosophy.

Princess Rooms are staffed 24 hours a day by a team of trained health care workers providing an environment that recognizes street culture while providing alternative experiences and opportunities.

The team works purposefully and collaboratively with tenants and the community to create a home, with the goal of  folks becoming healthier and more independent.

The program begins with a patient, persistent engagement process and harm reduction interventions in all areas of the tenant’s life. Staff work with each person to make a plan based on their individual strengths and motivations.

Most of the suites are single rooms with kitchenettes, with some one-bedroom suites, offering privacy and safety for the residents. Princess Rooms welcomes pets, which is rare among service providers.

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5616 fraser street concurrent disorders (fraser street)

Fraser Street provides supported housing for people who want to live a substance-free life. It is an alcohol and drug-free facility located outside of the Downtown Eastside, providing the infrastructure and support to help clients achieve long-term health and stability.

Tenants are provided with a full range of support services, including social and recreational opportunities, life skills assistance, support in achieving their treatment goals, and support in finding and maintaining employment.

The building is staffed 24 hours per day 7 days a week. The 24 hour staff presence ensures the building remains a safe haven for the tenants.

Vancouver Coastal Health provides program funding and refers potential residents, and RainCity Housing provides the program and delivers the services. The tenants are well supported by the staff within the Fraser Street Program as well as by community agencies and services, and the larger community.

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lux transitional housing program (the lux)

The Lux Transitional Housing Program is funded by Vancouver Coastal Health and provides 25 units of supported housing to people coping with the realities of homelessness, substance use, and complex physical and mental health concerns.

Housing First – By housing people first, we work to resolve unmet health needs and complex housing behaviours, rather than requiring these issues be resolved beforehand.

Transitional - Once an individual is stabilized and has formed appropriate support networks, staff assist in the transition of residents to suitable permanent housing. The length of stay depends on each resident’s unique situation and particular needs.

The program is built on a proactive harm reduction and health promotion framework. Realistic expectations are placed on residents to ensure the most marginalized, in-need and at-risk people will have access to the program.

Many tenants actively use substances and some experience mental crises. We provide a high tolerance environment for challenging behaviours and use a strength-based approach that identifies, acknowledges and builds on an individual’s strengths, skills and competencies.


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the former biltmore hotel transitional housing program (the billy)

Affectionally known as ‘the Billy’ by tenants and staff, this housing program provides housing and support to folks waiting to get into long term housing.

There are 95 private rooms, and each room has its own sink, toilet and bathtub, and a small fridge. One complete meal a day is provided, and there is amenity space for other food preparation.

It’s important to the folks living at the Billy the neighbourhood is a healthy and beautiful place, and many participate in daily pick up of garbage in the surrounding area.

And even their relative contribute to the beauty, like this mural painted on the added fence – painted by a tenant’s uncle.

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