housing first ICM team

You can reach our ICM Team at: 778.825.1045

The Intensive Case Management (ICM) team is our first program based in Surrey and all of the work is done on an outreach basis. Using the Housing First approach, self-determination and choice are at the center of all decisions and interactions. Our partner, MPA, locates places to live that are a little more affordable and builds and maintains relationships with landlords.

While the teams is small (four staff) it is a diverse and talented team, made up by an Aboriginal Service Coordinator, a Peer Support Specialist, a Women’s Service Specialist, and the team Manager.

The team assists folks who have a history of being homeless many times, some for long periods of time, or both. They provide support and access housing for folks in the community of their choice while assisting them in achieving their personal recovery goals.

There are 35 rent supplements that help ensure folks can have some choice where they want to live and at any given time the team is working with as many as 50 individuals throughout Surrey.