healthy living program

“I want to engage more in life.”

– RainCity Housing Tenant

Each person has their own story and journey, and they might want a little help to reach their goals, whatever those goals may be.

With this in mind, RainCity Housing developed the Healthy Living Program, designed to help each individual start to make different, healthier choices – choices that move people from feeling overwhelmed, to feeling hopeful.

While gaining these practical skills, other benefits also begin to take shape…

  • • Nutrition
  • • Peer support
  • • Social inclusion
  • • Smarter purchases
  • • Building trust
  • • Building hope

…and this all leads to more relationship building and community involvement!


The individuals using RainCity Housing’s services are some of the most marginalized and vulnerable in our community. Because of traumatic histories, mental illness, substance use, and often a combination of all these things, many have developed survival skills and symptoms that are difficult to address.

Many people can become extremely undernourished, which often leads to compromised immune systems, and makes it harder to fight disease. A lack of nutrition also leads to an inability to focus and to deal with basic life skills, something you and I may take for granted.

This can result in isolation from friends and family, lack of trust, lack of self-esteem or self-worth, and distancing themselves from the larger community.

“I’m gardening again – I love to garden. It’s the first time in years I’ve been able to do that.”

– RainCity Housing Tenant


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