Why work at RainCity Housing?

Your vision is also our vision “a home for every person”. We advocate a housing first and harm reduction approach to end homelessness.

Diversity and Human Rights

People who access our services come from a wide variety of backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities. We need a staff group that reflects this variety and can provide service that is sensitive to the needs of individuals. We are especially seeking applicants from under represented groups in our staff mix such as: people with aboriginal background, people of colour, people who identify as male, people with multilingual skills, trans and queer identified people. Please read our Diversity Statement.

We are a unionized workplace and along with the union we support the principles of the Human Rights Code of BC. We promote a workplace that treats both staff and the people accessing services with respect and dignity.

You want to work with an organization that takes action on homelessness.

RainCity Housing provides housing and connection to community services, mental health services, addictions services and social work services for individuals who have concurrent disorders / co-occurring disorders (mental illness, substance use, health problems) and are at high risk of being homeless. RainCity Housing has a proven reputation in social services and healthcare, providing housing first, harm reduction and supports for community members who need our services. To learn more, check out what we do.

You want to work with people like the support worker who shared this:

“It’s hard. Have no illusions. Working here will challenge your abilities, beliefs, tolerances, biases (yes we all have them), sleep patterns and social life. Not to mention witnessing daily the struggle, trauma and injustices the people we serve must face.

It is not a job for everyone. But for those of us who do work here it is an opportunity to make a difference. To provide the most basic of needs for someone – food, shelter, clothing – and to assist with medical, financial and housing issues. To creatively solve problems otherwise deemed too complex or impossible. To witness the resiliency and self-determination of the human spirit on a daily basis. To work beside peers who share similar values as yourself.

You still want to work here? Be prepared to learn about people, “the system”, and yourself. Be prepared to experience frustration, compassion, and excitement in a matter of hours or even minutes. And be prepared to know you have made a difference.” Lou D

What does a Support Worker do?

Support Workers work in one of our housing programs or outreach programs, providing a wide range of supports to help people who access our services to deal with mental illness, addictions, housing and health issues.

The most important task is building a relationship with individuals and collaborating with them to achieve their goals. Support Workers:

  • Prepare and implement service plans to help individuals achieve their goals
  • Advocate for individuals, to ensure their rights
  • Help individuals access medical, social, community, and financial services
  • Teach and encourage harm reduction

Support Workers also do tasks that help individuals maintain their housing and health:

  • Promote safety – monitor building security; crisis intervention; de-escalate agitated/aggressive behaviour
  • Administer medications
  • Help people move in and out
  • Help individuals maintain basic living conditions in their rooms
  • Help with pest control

What experience is useful to be a Support Worker?

The people who access our services – and our staff – are diverse; they come from a wide variety of backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities. We consider all the experience of an applicant.

  • Experience assisting the homeless and/or people living with mental illness or addictions.
  • Volunteer and practicum experience is valued.
  • Life experience is valued, such as personal experience of mental illness, addiction or being homeless. Typically we also look for work experience along with the life experience.

Do I need training?

Two important points:

  • If you have a lot of direct experience, specific training may not be required for hiring.
  • A diploma or degree in social support work may not be required if you have a combination of education and experience that is useful to the people accessing our services, and the work done by RainCity Housing

Training can supply useful knowledge and concepts. Useful training includes: mental health, addictions, substance abuse counseling, concurrent disorders, co-occurring disorders, social work, human services, social services, therapeutic recreation, community social service worker.

When looking at a training program, consider your own interests and needs.  Carefully check the courses and practicums, and ask about the types of jobs that graduates are hired for. See this list of schools if you are considering training. These are publicly funded schools; a private school may suit your needs as well.

Please Note: A resident care aid course does not provide relevant training. We do not do personal care. We do not operate long term care facilities.


For each job, send a resume and cover letter to Human Resources. Please quote the job # in your application.

You can send your applications online to, or fax them to 604.254.3703.

Check out our current postings.

No current jobs? We always accept applications to work for RainCity Housing. Please note that due to the volume of applications, we cannot respond to everyone.