housing first – principles into practice

Thank you for your interest in presenting the ‘Housing First – Principles into Practice’ workshop. The 3.5-hour workshop is meant to inspire staff members of homeless serving/housing organizations who are exploring the possibility of adopting the Housing First model. The presentation is based on the power of finding shared values, focusing on strengths, and connecting to human stories – the kind of approaches move people to action.

We’ve created this as an opportunity to better understand what the five interrelated Housing First principles mean in practice. We hope the ‘Housing First Principles into Practice’ guidebook and videos will inspire you to explore the possibility of adopting the Housing First model in your own housing/homelessness organization.

The Housing First Principles

Housing First is made up of five interdependent principles that require simple yet profound, transformative shifts in thinking. Each principle is explained in one of the videos.

The principles are:

  • Immediate access to housing with no readiness conditions
  • Consumer choice and self-determination
  • Recovery orientation
  • Individualized and person-driven supports
  • Social and community integration

Workshop Materials

The Workbook and Facilitator’s Guide PDFs are available for free for nonprofits. Click on either of the images below to email a request for a password. In the email, please let us know what kind of nonprofit you are working with. A human being will send a reply email with a link to the password protected page, along with the password for that page.


The Videos

While watching the videos, please follow along in the Workbook.

Video #1: Immediate Access to Housing with No Housing Readiness Conditions

Video #2: Consumer Choice and Self-Determination

Video #3: Recovery Orientation

Video #4: Individualized and Person-driven Supports

Video #5: Social and Community Integration

If you have less time or maybe sharing the principles with a younger audience, here’s a compilation of the animated intros for all five principles


And these are the human beings that put together the videos and cirriculum!

• Director: Gwen Haworth
• Editor: Jackie Hoffart
• Animator: Michael A Mann
• Composer: Daniel E Moxon
• Additional Footage: Michael Hey
• Jo Lemay: Curriculum Developer
• Emily Beamer: Graphic Design
• Producer: Aaron Munro


This wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible input and participation of our community partners: Pathways to Housing, MPA, Coast Mental Health, and Vancouver’s Housing First Speakers Bureau. And we wish to thank all of our community collaborators.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy.

Our Community Partners: