Chair of the Finance Committee

Who We Are

RainCity Housing provides innovative, specialized housing and support services for people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges. By designing programs based on research, assessment, evaluation, and implementation of best practices, RainCity Housing is leading the way in developing solutions to end homelessness.

RainCity Housing serves a diverse group of people and is committed to social inclusion, equity, and diversity on its board, including people with lived experience of marginalization. Part of our Strategic Planning commitment highlights meaningful inclusion of Indigenous peoples. As an organization we are committing to work towards being an anti-racist organization and seek to welcome Black members to our Board and people of colour.

Our Vision

A Home for Every Person”

Our Board

The RainCity Housing Society Board is a policy governance board (i.e. follows the Carver model), as opposed to an operational board.

The role of the RainCity Housing’s Board of Directors is one of oversight and governance. Board officers are assigned responsibility for certain areas, but carries out its responsibilities with one voice. We ensure that our activities and decisions are in alignment with the values and philosophies of RainCity Housing.

The Opportunity

We are seeking a Chair of the Finance Committee ideally with prior board experience and financial expertise with CPA designation who cares about people who experience marginalization with interest and background in the following areas:

  • Harm reduction philosophy and practices
  • Poverty and homelessness including understanding of a ‘housing first’ approach
  • Trauma, mental illness and substance use challenges
  • Not-for-profit community organizations

The approximate hours required from Board Members can be up to 5-10 hours per month with a term length of two years. The Board Member will have the option to renew at the Annual General Meeting in the month of June.

Board meetings occur every month of the year except July, August, and December. In addition, the Finance Committee meets every month for one hour.

Interested candidates are invited to submit a confidential CV to Mei Ng, Executive Assistant, by September 15, 2021.

Individual Board Member

Each individual Board member shall ensure that they familiarize themselves with the duties and responsibilities they have as board members. Each Board member shall:

  1. Be prepared to support the ethical obligations RainCity has towards the communities of people that RainCity serves.
  2. Has read, understands and knows his/her part in the role of governance at RCH, which includes but is not limited to:
  3. Review, approve and keep up-to-date on the progress of the RCH’s Ends and Strategic Plan.
  4. Approve the annual budget, monitor budget variances and approve the Audited Financial Statements.
  5. Provide input into and sign-off on Board development activities.
  6. Provide input to Board evaluation.
  7. Develop, review and keep bylaws and policies current as RCH evolves.
  8. Approve changes to the Governance Manual.
  9. Monitor the Risk Registry and ensure that risk mitigation strategies are in place.
  10. Be prepared to sit and participate on at least one Board Committee.
  11. Attend all Board and Committee meetings.
  12. Be prepared to participate in all Board meetings by reviewing Board package material.
  13. Promote the services and programs of RCH to the community at large.
  14. Participate in the recruitment of new Board members.
  15. Abide by and support all Board decisions.