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Kendra Milne, Director

Kendra Milne is a lawyer who works to use the law to create positive social change, particularly to support people who have traditionally been marginalized or disempowered in their communities. She currently leads the mental health and substance use-related policy work at a large provincial non-profit organization, and has previously worked to reform law and policy to better support intersectional gender equality, economic security and housing security in BC.

For many years Kendra ran a busy anti-poverty administrative law practice focused on the human rights of people living in poverty, during which she worked directly with hundreds clients throughout BC to advocate for their rights before decision-makers ranging from the residential tenancy branch to the Supreme Court of Canada. That experience deeply entrenched Kendra’s commitment to value the expertise that individuals hold about their own lives, needs and experiences.

Kendra is excited to join the RainCity board given the organization’s commitment to equity, transparency and recognizing the strengths of every person.

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