So much Pride, so many involved!

This year marks our third year participating in Vancouver Pride, and each time it just gets better. And that’s entirely because of all the great people that provided their time, energy and unique talents that made it happen.


We had Jaime and Catherine get supplies from Home Depot and then assemble and brighten up our ‘house’.


We had Dueck provide a truck and swag for the parade.


The Parade, of course! We had staff, friends, family, friends of family, spouses, and – just like last year – the amazing Carnival Band!

And finally:

Our booth at Sunset Beach. Many people dropped by to show support, ask questions, or just wish us a ‘Happy Pride!’ Yes, there are no people in these pictures – that’s cuz when we were talking with folks we couldn’t take the pictures!

There are many more pics at our Flickr page, thanks to Jean Cueta, Vancouver-based photographer extraordinaire. And you should check out the Carnival Band’s Flickr page as well. And I almost forgot – there are videos! Below is just one clip, courtesy of ‘butchnews’. There are more video links at our Pride 2011 page. Happy Pride!!


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