Biltmore Update!

Photo credit - Kevin Hill, Vancouver Courier

We’ve been really happy with all the media coverage this past week about our Biltmore program. The Province, Globe & Mail, Vancity Buzz, and the Courier all took time to visit us in order to share their stories with you. The Province also did a video interview of Acting Associate Director Amelia Ridgway and our Operations Manager, George Simpson, and they did a great job explaining how the building will operate, and how we plan to move forward.

We’ve had our first Biltmore Community Advisory Committee already, and the second one is next week. If you’d like to receive the minutes from those meetings, please email me and I’ll add you to the list.

Once the landline is confirmed, it will be here on our website along with all of our email contacts, so you can easily get a hold of us with questions, concerns, or ideas.

We still don’t have a confirmed move in date for tenants, but we hope it will be before the end of February. The City of Vancouver has posted a summary of the feedback and input community members provided the two open houses in January, and you can read that here.

Mount Pleasant is a great community, full of people who really care about everyone living there, and we are looking forward to being a part of that and caring right back!

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