3030 Gordon Ave October 2015 Update!


Well, not yet, obviously, but this is the entrance to the building from the inside. Still some work to be done…


The office and main floor.

Here’s where folks will check in with staff, work together on future housing plans, or just talk about the latest Jays game. That last point might sound trivial, but having lighthearted conversations is one of the first steps towards building trust and respect with people who have come inside, and that trust can be built on, leading to more important conversations about concrete and life altering plans.

Three meals a day will be provided to the folks staying at the shelter. Food in one’s belly is highly under rated – it not only makes one healthy, it improves the mood. Ever been ‘hangry’?

Walk this way

Apparently these signs are all the rage in Europe right now, so we had to have them. A kinder, gentler exit sign, don’t you think?

The shelter rooms will all have a stainless steel sink and windows letting in the glorious Tri-City sunshine.

At night these fancy lights take over. The round button-looking thing at the end is a motion sensor that has three output levels, from light up my life, down to nightlight.

Easier access

Here are some early views of a wheelchair accessible suite (they’ll be three) pictured above, and a not-wheelchair accessible suite pictured below. All the transitional housing suites are located on the left or east side of the building and the shelter rooms are on the right.

Too hot for bedbugs

Ever heard of a bedbug sauna? We hadn’t either until the little critters became a problem. Now a larger number of the new buildings being funded by BC Housing have them as part of the build, including this one. All of a person’s belongings are placed in the sauna, the heat is turned up to 64 degrees Celsius, and the items are left there for about 24 hours. We’ve found it really effective at three of our newer buildings.

Back outside

The fence surrounding the east, south and west sides of the property, is almost complete. The siding is, too. As you can see, we’re getting even closer to a finished building and those folks at Ventana are doing an amazing job. In the next update we hope to have pictures of finished rooms and maybe even a finished office.

The FYI on the CAC

The Community Advisory Committee, or CAC, had its first meeting earlier this month. We were able to get all partners and community member types represented. If this is still something you are interested in and you either a) haven’t contacted me – that would be Bill Briscall – or b) emailed and/or called and I didn’t get back to you, please email me (again), at bbriscall@raincityhousing.org and I will respond to discuss next steps. The next CAC meeting will be Wednesday, Nov 4.

Stay tuned!


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