3030 Gordon Ave July 2015 Update!

Hey, it’s been a while. Let’s get to it…

Safety gear required!

After the last 3030 Gordon Working Group meeting, we had a tour – inside and out – of the building. RainCity’s Property Manager George Simpson (with his arm raised) was our host and as you’ll see, the completion of the building is growing by leaps and bounds. And we had to wear the gear: hardhats, high visibility vest, and steel toe gumboots.


Safe from trains

Then we headed to the back of the property, where the south(ish) wall is going up. It’s sort of cool, as it’s a prefab tongue and grove assembly that connects at each post.

Wall behind 3030 Gordon

On the exterior wall of the building facing the train tracks, the cladding has already begun to be applied. It’s a two tone scheme that’s hard to make out in shade.

Cladding on 3030 Gordon

But the sun did make everything a little more beautiful. And really hot in all our safety gear!

Sunny behind 3030 Gordon


Inside and dry(walled)

Once inside we were able to really see the speed of the contractor Ventana’s process. The rooms on the top two floors are already being drywalled in. This room is one of the amenity spaces (one of three) where we’ll be able to bring an additional 30 folks inside during extreme weather.

Amenity drywawlled 3030 Gordon

And here is one of the rooms on the top floor, already painted a serene yellow with the moldings starting to go in.

painted room at 3030 gordon

Will we see you at the CAC?

One of the next steps is to arrange a date for the first CAC (Community Advisory Committee) meeting. If you’ve already emailed us expressing interest, you’ll be getting an email before the end of August with details about the meeting and the role of the CAC. But it’s not too late to let us know you’re interested. Just email Bill Briscall, bbriscall@raincityhousing.org and let him know.

Enjoy the summer sun but don’t get too much of it. And be sure to check out what other great things are happening at RainCity like our newly opened building, the Budzey, or just head over to Facebook.

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