3030 Gordon Almost April 2015 Update!

Here! We! Go! Dwayne and Bill continue going door to door and will be finishing up by the middle of April, spending most of that time in PoCo. More folks have signed up for either updates, to receive minutes from the CAC (Community Advisory Committee), or become a member of the CAC. We’re really happy that you’re showing your support and interest in the project this way. Makes us feel welcomed to the community – thank you!

Up, up, up!

The building is now at its full height and it should be completely roofed in by the end of April. Here are some recent pics:

It’s time to get official!

Next Wednesday, April 8 at 10:30am, all levels of government are coming together at 3030 Gordon Avenue in Coquitlam to recognize the amazing progress of the building, and also recognize the community and the political will that made it happen in the first place. It will be a short but sweet affair, with media to boot. And there’ll be doughnuts. Mmmmm – doughnuts!!!

Want to get more involved?

Even if Bill and Dwayne didn’t drop by for a visit with their info, you can still stay in touch by emailing Bill at bbriscall@raincityhousing.org and letting him know how you’d like to receive info or updates.

Look for the next update in May!

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