The Lux Transitional Housing Program


Services Provided

Crisis Prevention and Management- Trained staff respond to critical incidents and safety issues that stem from disruptive survival behaviours, mental health and drug-induced psychosis; proactively work with residents to develop more constructive responses to conflict; minimize violence, intimidation and exploitation.

Individualized Service Plan and Delivery – holistic assessments, referrals, advocacy, outreach (financial, legal, health, vocational, etc).

Engagement & Relationship Building – Client-directed, strength-based respectful collaborative relationships that embrace choice and self-determination. 

Community Partnerships - Bringing community health services and resources to the residents with the goal of addressing future access.

Community Building - Peer programming, residents’ meetings and participation in the program and group activities. 

Harm Reduction & Health Promotion- Staff identify, educate and reduce associated harm due to a survival lifestyle (substance use, nutrition, sexual health, etc) while promoting self-care. Harm reduction supplies provided on site.

Medication Program - For residents unable to, or require assistance to self-administer medication regimes. 

Home Support Assistance - Available for individuals that require assistance to maintain health and safety standards.

Housing First Criteria

A history of homelessness, repeat shelter use, and/or difficulty accessing and maintaining housing.

  • Complex housing and survival behaviours that require high tolerance supported housing.
  • Treated or untreated mental health symptoms, substance use and/or complex physical health needs.
  • Residing in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.
  • Minimally at risk of becoming entrenched in an environment of active substance use.

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