Sue set to graduate from Bridget Moran Place

Sue, who lives with a mental illness, started using hard drugs when she moved to the Downtown Eastside around 1975. This drug use, combined with her mental illness and the fact that her children had been taken from her and put into community care, led to suicidal thoughts and a continued downhill spiral.  She lived this way for 20 years, until she came to RainCity Housing and Support Society.

In 1995, Sue found a home at Bridget Moran Place, a RainCity Housing program that provides supported housing for people living with mental illness and addiction.  

Through willpower and a strong desire to change, Sue achieved stability and started rebuilding her life.  She credits the unique nature of the programs, the ongoing support, and the encouragement from staff to open up and talk about problems.

Sue has been free from hard drug use since entering the program, and on August 1st, 2008, she will ‘graduate’, as she puts it, from supported housing into her own independent, one-bedroom suite in a BC Housing building in False Creek.

Sue plans to visit the staff and residents at Bridget Moran Place often.  Sue says, “I  would like to thank staff for all they’ve done.  It (the programs) do work! “ She is a great role model for what is possible with strength, courage and a caring, supportive community.

Congratulations Sue!