LGBTQ2S+ Youth Housing – more info

Why are we doing this?

As well experiencing significant barriers to employment, health care and education, when compared to the general population, transgender and gender non-conforming people:

  • Are 2 times more likely to experience severe poverty and homelessness;
  • Are 5 times more likely to have a mental health issue;
  • Are 5 times more likely to attempt suicide;
  • Are 7 times more likely to abuse substances.

Local surveys from the McCreary Centre Society show the percentage of LGBTQ2S+ youth who are marginalized or street involved rose from 18% to 25% between 2002 and 2006, and that a high proportion of these youth are Aboriginal.

The significant discrimination that LGBTQ2S+ youth face in our communities and families often leads to becoming homeless, and once homeless, increases their exposure to higher levels of violence and harassment.

This Housing First Project moves young people into immediate permanent housing with robust supports, emphasizing health, education, employment, self-sufficiency, reunification with family (when safe), the ultimate goal being the creation of a positive community to support to LGBTQ2S+ youth so that they can leave homelessness permanently.

We would like to acknowledge all the communities across Canada who have been fighting for safe shelter and permanent housing for LGBTQ2S+ homeless youth. Our hope is that the research gained and the model developed from this project will assist in your efforts.

The project will be evaluated externally by the McCready Centre Society, who have extensive experience with youth homelessness, specifically LGBTQ2S+ homeless youth. This project will be the first in Canada and we want to make sure it’s not the last!

Why is RainCity interested?

RainCity Housing and Support Society has been a leading housing provider since 1982, offering housing, support and outreach to a diverse group of people. While providing these services to specific demographics, such as housing for women and folks with multiple diagnoses, we honour the unique challenges they face due to systemic oppression.

How you can help!

The root of homelessness is a lack of supportive community for young people. It’s our connections with our community, family and friends that keep us all safe from living on our streets. These youth need natural community, people who are generally interested in them and looking for life long friendships, people who want to welcome these young people into their lives and the LGBTQ2S+ community. To become a mentor, find out more information here.

We have secured funding to operate this project until September 2016 and are seeking funds and partnership to continue this important work. Your financial support will ensure that LGBTQ2S+ youth can live in a safe, supported environment uniquely designed to serve this population – the first in Vancouver, the first in Canada!

To donate, go to our secure direct donations page and select ‘LGBTQ2S+ Youth’ in the donation dropdown menu, or contact Fran Romer at 604.215.5991 or

To find out more about the project, contact Mandy Hardwick at 604.360.5824 or

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