HR Coordinator – Human Resources

PROGRAM: Human Resources
UNION: Excluded
SALARY: $46,389 to $56,461 annually, depending on qualifications and experience


The HR Coordinator is a permanent, full-time, non-unionized, salaried position. The HR Coordinator is employed in a confidential capacity in matters of personnel and labour relations. The incumbent will work in a corporate office environment, on a standard work schedule (e.g. 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday), with occasional periods of overtime as required.

RainCity offers an excellent benefits package and supportive work environment. Please send your resume and a brief cover letter to Jon Chapnick, Director, HR & Labour Relations:

Here is a PDF version of the posting.


The HR Coordinator supports the Human Resources team by managing correspondence, performing administrative tasks and functions as assigned, and generally coordinating the work of the Human Resources Department. Reporting directly to the Director, Human Resources & Labour Relations, the HR Coordinator plays a critical role in the day-to-day functioning of the Human Resources Department.



Primary point of contact for HR Department. Receives, processes and/or responds to correspondence and inquiries from RainCity employees, departments and programs. Receives, processes and/or responds to correspondence and inquiries from external partners and stakeholders. Communicates on behalf the HR Department with RainCity employees, departments and programs, and with external partners and stakeholder.

Administration & Coordination

Responsible for opening, maintaining, closing, and archiving complex Human Resources files (e.g. grievance, formal complaint, LTD, WorkSafe). Responsible for file numbering and tracking system. Performs (or coordinates the performance of) administrative tasks and functions related to: employee profiles on Dayforce and Callbot, EDMP referrals, WorkSafe claims, LTD claims, criminal record checks, job competitions (e.g. information gathering, posting assembly, interview scheduling), hiring and transfer letters, employee onboarding, and other tasks and functions as assigned. Coordinates HR Department schedules and meetings. Keeps track of vacation, sick and other leaves within the HR Department. Coordinates the performance (by the Human Resources team) of administrative tasks and functions not performed by the HR Coordinator. Other duties as assigned.

Information Management

Responsible for organization and management of employee personnel files. Uploads file documents to Dayforce (e.g. personnel file documents, grievance forms, WorkSafe claim notices, job competition records). Inputs and edits information on Dayforce, Callbot, WorkSafeBC portal, and elsewhere as required. Uploads documents to HR Master Documents repository on the Canoe (e.g. approved HR forms, templates and precedents). Assists with the development of, and maintains, the HR Department Work Process Guide Book. Other duties as assigned.


Degree or diploma in relevant discipline, or equivalent experience. Training in reception, administration, coordination and information management functions or equivalent experience. Minimum one year of recent related experience. Ability to organize, prioritize and perform multiple tasks, functions and duties effectively and in a timely manner. High level of attention to detail. Ability to work independently and in a team environment. Strong communication skills (verbal and written). Intermediate to advanced-level skills using Microsoft Office software, particularly Outlook, Excel and Word. Experience using (or ability to learn to use) human resources information systems programs and software (e.g. Dayforce, Callbot, Freshdesk). Ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships with RainCity employees, departments and programs, and with external partners and stakeholders. Proven ability to be flexible, confident and self-motivated. Ability to exercise tact and discretion. Ability to prepare correspondence and other written materials. Willingness to make space for Indigenous cultural learning, knowledge and teachings. Knowledge, lived-experience, or willingness to learn, with respect to key concepts, models, principles, and resources related to: substance use; mental illness; oppression; colonization; racism; cultural awareness, sensitivity, humility and safety; poverty; housing and homelessness; trauma; health care; recovery; harm reduction. Or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Core competencies for this position include the following:

Planning, organizing and coordinating. Proactively planning the completion of tasks and assignments, establishing appropriate work priorities, and allocating time and resources to achieve results within given timelines.

Outcome orientation. Taking an efficient, results-focussed approach to job responsibilities within given timelines, pressures and constraints.

Flexibility. Effectively adapting to a variety of work situations, perspectives and challenges.

Expertise/knowledge application. Deliberately and effectively using technical skills and knowledge.

Listening, understanding and responding. Understanding and responding effectively to thoughts, feelings, needs and concerns of others

Collaboration and trust. Establishing trust and rapport, and working effectively in collaboration with others to achieve shared goals.

Professionalism. Using sound judgement, accepting personal accountability, and treating others with patience, understanding, tolerance, and respect.

Communication. Effectively expressing ideas and information (including complex and technical information) orally or in writing, such that matters communicated are understood and have the desired impact.

External relations. Effectively engaging and communicating with external partners and stakeholders, and fostering long-term working relationships where appropriate.

Motivation and initiative. Being appropriately proactive and curious, choosing to persistently expend a high level of effort, and seeking to perform, improve, learn, assist, innovate, and succeed in all aspects of work.


Reports to: Director, Human Resources & Labour Relations.

Works closely with: Human Resources, Finance (Payroll and Accounting) and Information Systems staff.

Assists with: HR Associate responsibilities, including performing relief duties when the HR Associate is absent.

Communicates with: A variety of people and organizations, including head office staff, RainCity employees and clients, external service providers, and the general public.





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