Pride Parade 2009

2009 saw the first time (of hopefully many) that RainCity Housing participated in the Vancouver Pride Parade. It was hot, really hot. And not just sexy hot – people were sweating. Just try dancing around on pavement under the scorching sun and you’ll get the idea. Or peruse the pictures below…

There was a great turnout of staff and volunteers, and people even joined the float mid-parade! Thank you to all!

A great big thank you goes out to Jacob Schroeder.

He almost singlehandedly made the float a reality – designing, constructing, painting. Quite simply, if there was no Jacob, there would have been no float.

All of our photos from the parade can be found at our Flickr site.

If you have photos from the parade, or other great events, please send them my way and I’ll post them on a relevant page on our website or our Flickr site.

Thank you to Home Depot for donating all the construction materials.

Thank you to Behr paints for donating all the painting supplies.

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